We have Packaging Solutions for dums. We has a wide range of plastic drum designs to choose ... of your work, bybigplus.com Packaging Solutions has an ideal plastic drum solution.

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  • This Hand Rotary Oil Pump is designed to help you get the job done the easy way. This smart tool quickly and easily dispenses fuel oil, lubricating oil and other non-corrosive liquids from barrels and oil drums.
  • Professional Hand Rotary Oil Pump Makes Pumping Fluids Much Easier
  • Easy to carry and storage
  • Gooseneck discharge spout
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Lightweight aluminium alloy design
  • Use on barrels, oil drums and small tanks
  • Quickly and easily dispenses non corrosive liquids
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  • This canister is also suitable for food and therefore food safe.
  • Perfect water canister.
  • Safe working load capacity - 2700Kg
  • Compatible with most pallet trucks for easy manoeuvring when unladen
  • Injection moulded grates include handles for easy removal
  • Prestige, Double IBC polyethylene spill pallet Fully sealed, moulded bund Extra grip plastic grating, holds the IBC’s clear of spillages.
  • Compatible with dispensing tray (part number 31-3074) Plastic grating will hold 2 fully loaded IBC’s Extra tough poly construction will resist knocks and direct impacts Will hold a combination of 205ltr drums and IBC’s
  • Optimal draining and easy cleaning for multiple trips
    Complete draining of the contents and easy cleaning are ensured due to the smooth inner wall surface of the drum and lid.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Complete removal of the content means less problems with disposal at the end of the drum’s useful life.
  • Inert, corrosion free
    Minimal risk of product contamination. Proven in service throughout the world, even under extreme climatic conditions and also under harsh environments.
  • More efficient handling
    Savings on filling and sealing costs.
  • Long service life
    Drums can be reconditioned for reuse and have a relatively high resale value. No repainting required.
  • Provision for venting
    A venting valve enables the filling of drums with warm of hot fill products up to 80°C without causing vacuum formation (negative effect on stacking).
  • Easy stirring
    The full opening makes it easy to use stirring equipment. This is important for products with a tendency to settle or which have to be provided with additives before processing such as paints, wetting agents, dispersion agents, etc.
  • Product marking
    The smooth drum lid/body offers a large solid surface for product identification by labelling, stencilling or silkscreen printing.
  • This canister is also suitable for food and therefore food safe.
  • Perfect water canister.
  • Material: PE-HD, natural
  • Filling Opening: DN150 with external thread, closed with screw cap and gasket.
  • Material: Screwcap DN150: PE-HD, black, O-ring gasket: TPE
  • Discharge Opening: Integrated butterfly-valve DN50 with blue handle, secured with a clip. Outlet sealed with PE-lined Alu-film. Valve closed with screw cap, PE-disk and flat-gasket. Outlet nozzle enclosed.
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  • Pallet: Steel-framepallet (1000 x 1200 mm), 4-way entry
  • Recommended usage: Food suitability
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