BigPlus Black, Plastic 30 Drawer Unit, 420mm x 270mm x 130mm
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Black, Plastic 30 Drawer Unit, 420mm x 270mm x 130mm

SKU: BB-SR-8776803

Product Description

Plastic Drawer Unit
This tough cabinet is an ideal solution to store small items and objects. It is lightweight, has removable drawers and is available with 30 and 40 drawers. This plastic drawer unit is suited in various locations from warehouses to your office or home. It can be used as a free standing unit or mounted on the wall.

Features and Benefits

• Ideal for storing small items
• Available in 30 or 40 drawer unit options
• Can be used as a free-standing or wall-mounted unit (wall fixings not included)
• Multiple pulls out drawers, ideal for storing small parts like fasteners and small components
• Semi-clear drawers
• Cabinet and drawers are manufactured from durable polypropylene

Drawers: 30

Case Material :Plastic
Height : 420mm
Width : 270mm
Depth : 130mm
Transparent Drawers : No
Drawer Material : Plastic
Tilt Drawers : No
Colour : Yes

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