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Kimberly Clark Box of 200 White KIMTECH SCIENCE Paper Wipes for Clean Room Use from ByBigPlus.com
Price RM58.00
Product SKU PROX-R01-00432
Brand R01
Availability 20
Shipping Fee
  • Trade Name Kimtech Science
  • Application Clean Room
  • Package Type Box
  • Number of Wipes per Pack 200
  • Colour White
  • Wet/Dry Dry
  • Repeat/Single Use Single Use
  • Ply 1
  • Pls allowed 3-5days for packing and delivery
  • Email us at  [email protected] 


Kimberly Clark Box of 200 White KIMTECH SCIENCE Paper Wipes for Clean Room Use

Stock No.: 1223088


Product Description

Kimtech Science Delicate Task Wipes
Effective cleaning of equipment, materials and working environments is important to ensure the accuracy, stability and longevity of your lab. Kimtech Science provides wipes for delicate tasks, designed to maintain cleanliness in your laboratory or working environment. The light duty, 2-ply wipes are suitable for various precision wiping tasks such as the cleaning of delicate glassware, equipment and surfaces. Lenses, slides and optical instruments can be wiped with ease, and the wipes are suitable for laboratory environments. Made from 100% pure fibre, giving high absorbency and a soft feel, the white-coloured wipes are chemically inert allowing use with solvents and chemicals. The wipes are also dispensed from a flexible pop-up box, to ensure clean and fast dispensing, even while on the move. Suitable for use within laboratories in manufacturing and healthcare, as well as industry sectors including optical, laser and electronics, the wipes feature low-lint tissue softness, making them ideal for delicate cleaning applications. They are also suitable for cleaning liquids and dust, and are equipped with anti-static dispensing to reduce lint and antistatic discharge.


Features and Benefits
15 cartons x 200 white 2 ply sheets = 3000 sheets. For delicate equipment, surfaces, optics and materials, our low-lint and high absorbency white wipes have you covered.
Light duty, white-coloured wipes made from 100% pure fibre.
Provided in a hygienic, user-friendly pop-up box.
Low-lint absorbency for delicate applications and surfaces.
Suitable for laboratory environments.



What's in the box
  • 1 Box of 200
  • Pls allowed 3-5days for packing and delivery
  • Email us at  [email protected]