BigPlus Used Wooden Pallet 1100mm (L) x 950mm (W) x 127mm (H)
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Brand Blue Box
Size (L x W x H) 110 cm x 95 cm x 12.7 cm
Availability 1000
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  • Nestable: 2-way Entry

  • Heat-treated pallet 

  • Economical and eco-friendly 

USED WOODEN PALLET 1100mm x 950mm (W) x 127mm (H)

SKU: BB-UWP1000*127

Product Description

Wooden pallet is a piece of tool widely used for handling purposes. It is typically four-sided or some in rectangle figure. Wooden Pallet is made of WOOD – Obviously. Wooden pallet is most friendly as in terms of valuing and costing.
Pallet plays a significant role in most of the industry, from transferring goods to warehouse storage and even dumping of industrial wastage. A pallet is basically a portable platform designed for lifting devices such as folk-lift, pallet jack and etc. The presence of pallet saves numerous manpower on moving heavy /massive object from one place to another.

Product Specifications

Size : 1100mm x 950mm (W) x 127mm (H)
Type : Standard export pallet
Condition : Used (9/10)


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What's in the box
  • 1 x used wooden pallet with 90% good conditions