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Beauty In A Click! We have good news for beauty junkies as we bring you skin care and makeupheaven with a variety of products to choose from BeautyFly & Co.

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Product Features
1. Exclusive top formula
2. Easy and convenient
3. All-round and 100% natural raw materials with the highest standards
4. 8 active ingredients – help your body detoxify gently, selectively and efficiently
5. The effect is obvious and delicious
6. Guarantee the authenticity and purity of taste and quality
7. Formulated by advanced and innovative CellFIT technology
8. The production process has passed the most stringent production quality management practices

• 肠胃排毒
• 细胞净化
• 瘦身美颜
• 肌肤美白


Benefits :
- Provide long lasting freshness
- Moisturise skin leaving it soft and clean
- Calming natural aroma
- Gentle and soothing with natural foaming properties.
- Perfect for daily use for all age
- This luxurious body wash is enriched with the natural extract of Aloe Vera
- Specially formulated with added moisturizer to cleanse your skin leaving it delicately scanted.
- By using Aloe Cool Body Wash, which organic Aloe Vera contains more than 130 biologically active compounds and 34 amino acids that act synergistically to create soothing support for your skin, helps produce cologne and elastin.
- Its unique fragrance of spices, Aloe Vera provides a clean, fresh burst that awareness your senses and refreshes your entire body. A rich conditioning lather leaves skin in better condition. This special formula rinse clean, without any heavy residue.